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to develop his agricultural and gardening skills

Fig. A.
a group of granules lying in the middle of the molecular layer...
(rotated 90ºcw, cropped to square)
Alex Hill (1856-1929). “Further Notes on Granules.” Brain : A Journal of Neurology 20 (1897) : 466-467
Harvard copy, digitized April 16, 2007

The Fellows voted this down and he resigned in 1907, retiring (at 51) to a small-holding outside Cambridge to develop his agricultural and gardening skills.

ex Viewpoint Online issue 364 (9 May 1996; editor Mike Rogers). issue and article now available only via archive.org wayback machine (scroll down to “Some Origins”); see also wikipedia and references there)

19 May 2015

euphemisms; hurst; neurology; oblivion; thicket
A. Hill, “Further Notes on Granules.” (1897)