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many mistakes being made thereby

back cover (cropped to square, watermark obscured)
Annals of Surgery 43 (January-June 1906)
University of Michigan copy, digitized September 27, 2012
University of Toronto copy, archive.org

from which —

his mistake of opening too low     157

believed was often mistaken     290
frequently mistaken     296

tied by mistake. He recalled     303
by himself in mistake     303
said the mistake     304

but in this he is mistaken     382
with fewer mistakes and     486
can least afford to make mistakes     493

to make mistakes, the great value of     493   [alt]
a serious mistake     618

mistook a large number of these cases     635
many mistakes being made thereby     776

by different observers been mistaken     776
that there was no mistake     792

disorders are mistaken for     861
a mistake in judgment     956

upon this passage on Euripides from Anne Carson —

what it’s like to be a human being in a family, in a fantasy, in a longing, in a mistake.

and New York Times review of Henry Marsh, his Do No Harm : Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery (2015) —

so many things can go wrong...
so many things can go awry


19 May 2015

mistakes; obscurities; tracks; tracks in the wilderness; thickets