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passings, storm


margin (detail) beneath Temperature of the Air for April 1874
Monthly Weather Review (Aprils only, 1873-1887)
University of Michigan copy (“The Gift of Mrs. Flora Finley Noble”),
digitized November 12, 2009

from which — all April 1874 — these, under Storms

The history of this storm belongs chiefly to the month of March.

its origin having apparently an intimate connection with
in that it trends nearly southeastward and is finally lost
it appears to have been broken up into several areas of low pressure
It is not impossible but that this storm... may be in fact identical with

The storm disappeared

when the storm turned northeastward and disappeared in Canada
The last position given for this storm-centre was on the morning of
and then turned sharply to the northeast, passing

The history of this remarkable storm belongs especially to the month of May

21 May 2015

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