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passings, storm

back cover (rotated 0.9º CCW, cropped)
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society. 26 (January to December, 1889)
University of California copy, digitized Apr 17, 2007

epigram ex William Blasius, “Has the Weather Service Degenerated?” (in same volume)

Heinrich Wilhelm Blasius (1818–1899) authored Storms : Their Nature, Classification and Laws. With the Means of Predicting them by their Embodiments the Clouds (1875)  
Blasius is honored by a lengthy pause footnote in Tor Bergeron his “Synoptic Meteorology, An Historical Review” (1959, reprinted here), which provides this extract from the preface to Blasius’s 1875 book —

“I am certain that the storm is the conflict of air-currents of different temperatures, and that the barometric depression the effect of their movement. And, in addition, the most important element in the life of storms — heat, their originator, and clouds, their embodiments — are those to which least attention has been paid.”

22 May 2015

classification; heat; meteorology; night sky; storms
W. H. Blasius, “Has the Weather Service Degenerated?” (1889)