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only the line

Plate VII. Scale two-thirds (rotated 0.3ºcw; cropped to square)
Arthur W. Wright (1836-1915 *). “Experiments upon the Cathode Rays and their Effects.” The American Journal of Science 151 (1896) : 235-244
Smithsonian copy, no date of digitization
Harvard copy (opening to 235), digitized July 13, 2007

“The shadow pictures as they are taken at present, however, do not give the approximate position of the shots, for instance, embedded in the flesh. They indicate only the line in which they are situated.”   235

...that Simone paid no attention to lines, and used unlined notebooks whenever possible.

Sylvie Weil. At Home with André and Simone Weil (2009, Benjamin Ivry translation, 2010) : 25

All the more reason why when dealing with documents it is necessary to read between the lines, allow oneself to be transported entirely, with a complete forgetfulness of self, into the atmosphere...

Simone Weil. The Need for Roots (Arthur Wills translation, 1952) : 224

27 May 2015

atmospheres; cathode rays; lines; between the lines; shadows; skiagraphy
A. W. Wright; Simon Weil