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exit 2

cover detail (lower right), Lou Feck (*) illustration
Jerry Earl Brown (*), Under the City of Angels (Bantam, 1981)

Exit 2, off the Pasadena Fwy, to San Fernando Road (?). Under water.
Liked the references to San Gabriel mountain range details familiar to me, e.g., Mt. Lowe, Islip Island (once Peak, and Islip Saddle), Telegraph Peak, etc.

“One of his favorite hideouts was an old mountain cabin, still standing, more or less, on the eastern slope of Islip Island. From this solitary retreat he had a good view of the San Gabriel Channel. The main arm of water extending north into the San Gabriels from Angeles Bay, the channel lay over what had been San Gabriel Canyon...“

“Like Islip, the adjacent islands, long and narrow remnants of crests and ridgelines, were deserted now, except for an occasional band of scavengers that might come in from what was now the mainland coast north of the San Gabriels and the San Andreas Channel; but even these ‘Mojave Magpies’ were rare these days.“

“A nice little post-catastrophe ecosystem was beginning to flourish on these islands that had been the high ground of the San Gabriel Moutains...“

26 May 2015

Islip Saddle; Los Angeles; ruination; submarine; water
J. E. Brown, Under the City of Angels (1981); Lou Feck