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of the back of the hand(s)

mis-scan, pages 412 and plate LXXXIII (details of both brought into close alignment, same scale)
Jonathan Hutchinson (1828-1913 *). Archives of Surgery 6 (1895)
University of Michigan copy, (google) digitized January 18, 2006
screen shot of full page spread
same copy (less dramatic) at archive.org

Plate LXXXIII illustrates Lupus Vulgaris of the back of the hand. Only a small detail is shown above. Two hands, really: the afflicted one, and the scanning operator’s.

Near sights.
Please sorts.
Put something down.
Put something down some day.
Put something down some day in.
Put something down some day in my.
In my hand.
In my hand right.
In my hand writing.
Put something down some day in my hand writing.
Needles less.
Never the less.
Never the less.
Mere colors.

Gertrude Stein. “Sacred Emily” (1913), Geography and Plays (1922) : 185

5 June 2015

color; mere colors; examples; hands; peristaltic writing
J. Hutchinson; Gertrude Stein