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was an affair of much difficulty

Plate CLIV Lupus Vulgaris Lumerbosus
Jonathan Hutchinson (1828-1913 *). Archives of Surgery 8 (1897)
University of Michigan copy, (google) digitized January 18, 2006
screen shot of full page spread
same copy (less dramatic) at archive.org

here, only the (scanning) operator’s hand.

epigram ex explanation of this plate. and these touch phrases, extracted from same volume —

on the right side, on touching
and when asked to touch the spot, put his finger on
she said that it was impossible to touch her
cannot bear them touched at first
firm to the touch
firm to the touch, and had the colour of skin
rough to the touch

she cannot straighten them, and the slightest touch gives pain

6 June 2015

hands; difficulties; touch
J. Hutchinson; Gertrude Stei