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archaeology of concentration


John Ptak, of JF Ptak Science Books, blogs and tweets, and is always a delight for his unusual findings in science, engineering, technology, and other areas. A tweet today, pointing retrospectively to a post of 19 May 2010, on his wife Patti Digh’s childhood pencils, stood out.

The blog post is entitled Archaeology of Concentration : Patti Digh’s Childhood Pencils, and starts thus —

My wife Patti Digh is an artist, and though she has great musical and painterly talents the greatest expression of her creative sensibilities is through words. And so I think that it is extraordinary that her childhood pencils have somehow made it here, into their future. They are beautiful monuments to childhood creativity, their bite marks, gouges, scratches and just general wear and tear are testaments to Patti busily producing something from her mind, committing it to paper, back there in her deep past when she was only a couple of thousand days old...

more (including images) here

Thanks to John Ptak for permission to post this.
He doesn’t tumbl, alas, but his tweets are uniformly fascinating.

13 June 2015

Patti Digh; J. F. Ptak