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the confused language of disordered nature

back flyleaf (detail; watermark partially obscured)
Western Lancet : A Monthly Journal of Practical Medicine and Surgery. 2 (1848)
University of Michigan copy, digitized January 23, 2006
from which volume, these spots

discolored spots     217
irregular spots     217
abraded spots of various size and form, rather thinly scattered     221
some very dark spots     265

spots diffused extensively     177

spots somewhat resembling     501
arsenical spot     498
antimonial spot     498
spot from phosphorous     499

spots. the first     499
thoroughly examined it in its various aspects by personal observations on the spot     356
could point to a spot near     126

a desirable spot     10
in the woods, in the spot where he had fallen     105

connected with a spot     111
around the spots     357

epigram ex Professor Harrison, “Lecture on the Importance and Mode of Prosecuting the Study of Clinical Medicine” (367-371) : 369

14 June 2015

disorder; in the woods; in the spot where he had falled; spots
Professor Harrison