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awnder wander

to awnder is a matter of fact, and is the subject of evidence

producing a curiosity seldom met with ; one river running south, and another north for half a mile, and having only a path-road of about three feet awnder.

Righteousness, s[ee]. cysiawnder

that he well awnder-stood me

Awnder, see Undern.
Web auf Awn der Inneren-ob dem nein wegen

Grund- und Awnder
awn der sone
awnder Smeth fro’ Paisley?

ten or twelve yards awnder on pasture

oftimes mis-OCR’ed for asunder.
evidently a word in Welsh.

18 June 2015

awnderings; asunderings; erroric findings; wander; wanderings; wandlon to change