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σχίζειν / schistosity

Magnification 25 x. Nichols crossed.
Fig. 2.   Section parallel to 010 through the center of a cube of anorthite crystallized from its glass under stresses in the direction marked by the arrows.
(cropped to round)
Fred Eugene Wright (1877-1953 *). “Schistosity by Crystallization : A Qualitative Proof.” The American Journal of Science 22 (1906) : 224-230
Princeton copy (in Miscellaneous Papers from the Geophysical Library, Carnegie Institution), digitized January 11, 2010

Geological foliation (metamorphic arrangement in layers) with medium to large grained flakes in a preferred sheetlike orientation is called schistosity...The names of various schists are derived from their mineral constituents.
ex σχίζειν schízein meaning “to split”

19 June 2015

crystallization; rounds; schistosity; stress
F. E. Wright