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into pigment, which

Plate 35, Fig. 1.
Marginal Zone of Hemorrhagic Infarct of Lung. X 40.
1, Lung tissue in which the alveoli are normal ; 2, compressed and airless lung tissue; 3, infarcted lung tissue infiltrated throughout with red blood-corpuscles ; the nuclei are poorly stained, and necrosis has occurred in places.
Lith. Angst. (chromolithograph) F. Reichhold, München
Hermann Dürck. Atlas and Epitome of Special Pathologic Histology.
Circulatory Organs; Respiratory Organs; Gastro-Intestinal Tract
With 62 Colored Plates
Authorized translation from the German. Edited by Ludvig Hektoen. (1900)
top, Library of Congress copy, archive.org
bottom, Stanford (Lane Medical Library) copy, Google Books

“while the blood is transformed into pigment, which is taken up by wandering cells.” p 87

28 June 2015

chromolithography; corpuscles; dots; wandering; wanderings
H. Dürck; L. Hektoen