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and lead, perchance

Plate 17, Fig. II.
Subacute Tuberculosis of a Lymph-gland. X 70.
1, Thickened capsule; 2, caseous centers of the tubercles. At the periphery of the gland the tubercles are still discrete, and between them lies lymphadenoid tissue. In the center of the gland the nodules have formed larger confluent areas. Numerous giant cells.
Lith. Angst. (chromolithograph) F. Reichhold, München
Hermann Dürck. Atlas and Epitome of Special Pathologic Histology.
Circulatory Organs; Respiratory Organs; Gastro-Intestinal Tract
With 62 Colored Plates
Authorized translation from the German. Edited by Ludvig Hektoen. (1900)
top, Library of Congress copy, archive.org
bottom, Stanford (Lane Medical Library) copy, Google Books

“...whence it may extend to the neighborhood and lead, perchance...“  p 52

Directory of multiple scans/locations of the three volumes of Dürck’s Atlas and Epitome at shedone (and eventually archived at 033.htm).

see also the dermachrome work of Scott D. Wilson, and his own drawings, discovered in a cursory search for more on the lithographic work of F. Reichhold.

28 June 2015

chromolithography; deserts; dots; lithography; topography; H. Dürck; L. Hektoen; F. Reichhold