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indistinct, eccentric in position

(not quite) round
Plate II, Fig. 2. — Longitudinal section through the left phrenic nerve of the same case to show the characteristic changes which take place in the myelin sheath. It will be seen that only certain of the fibres are affected; the sheath of the nerve is somewhat swollen, and occupied by fine black granules in parts. Where the degeneration is more advanced these fine granules have passed into larger fat globules.
Stained by Marchi’s method.
illustrating Frederick E. Batten (1865-1918 *). “Further evidence on the pathology of diphtheritic paralysis.” in Transactions of the Pathological Society of London 50 (1899) : 22-27
University of Michigan copy, digitized February 6, 2008
same at archive.org

something in between. epigram from caption to Fig. 1.

2 July 2015

eccentric; indistinct; rounds
F. E. Batten, “Further evidence” (1899)