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by studied neglect, &c.

Plate IX. — Fig. 1. — a. A Nerve-cell showing well-stained nucleus, with small amount of protoplasm round it. b. Nerve-cell showing remains of apex-process and granules of pigment in protoplasm. c. Mass of cell-protoplasm without nucleus. d. Nucleus of nerve-cell, apparently destitute of protoplasm. e. Nucleus of neuroglia-cell. ×300.
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T(homas). S(mith). Clouston (1840-1915 *). Lecture III (Developmental Epilepsy and Epilectic Insanity), in “The Neuroses of Development” (The Morison Lectures for 1890). Edinburgh Medical Journal 37:1 (July 1891) : 16-27
University of Michigan copy, digitized October 22, 2012

“I always adopted the plan of treatment by studied neglect, by muscular work, by fresh air, by tonic moral treatment, and by unstimulating diet...”

Prominent (and misguided, by my lights) expert on insanity (“unsoundness of mind”), whose son J. Storer Clouston (1870-1944 *) authored The Lunatic at Large (1899) and several other successor (among other) volumes. From which —

If you prefer it, then, I fell off the telegraph wires in an attempt to recover my boots.

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boots; father and son; studied neglect; telegraph wires; rounds
T. S. Clouston; J. S. Clouston