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whatever may be the analogy of composition

detail, unopened plate (rotated 90ºccw; levels: 30 .80 255)
accompanying Thomas G. Clemson (1807-88 *). “Notice of a Geological Examination of the Country between Fredericksburg and Winchester, in Virginia, including the Gold Region.” Transactions of the Geological Society of Pennsylvania 1:2 (1835): 298-313
University of Michigan copy, digitized January 15, 2009
Smithsonian copy (beautiful scans) at archive.org opens to same page

“a sufficiency of insoluble matter...
where regularity in large pieces is an object”

“...whatever may be the analogy of composition. There is a want of continuance or permanence of mineral composition, and consequently of specific character.”

an earlier diversion from (elsewhere in) the same volume, same scan, at 0229.

31 July 2015

analogy; belles lettres; insoluble matter; specific character
T. G. Clemson