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she was unable to say the alphabet correctly

Plate VII.
From a Photograph of J. F., aet. 17. A case of Developmental General Paralysis. The disease began at the age of 15. The girlish appearance is shown, and the want of mammary development.
(detail of mis-scan, corrected on following page spread)
T(homas). S(mith). Clouston (1840-1915 *). The Neuroses of Development, being The Morison Lectures for 1890. Edinburgh and London, 1891
University of Wisconsin - Madison copy, digitized April 23, 2008

three elsewheres tho’ alas not the same copy/scan (and error), at
Stanford (Lane Medical Library),
Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh), and
Columbia University
all archive.org

the full page from which the above (1024 x 1759 pixels).

epigram ex 77
Discussion of J.F. at pp 74 through 79

There is more life (and love) in the error than the correct scan (and in all of Clouston’s language). Hard to know how to present. And so this portrait.

13 August 2015

alphabet; development; retrogression
T. S. Clouston, The Neuroses of Development (1890)