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one incident on the road to mindlessness

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Plate V.
Fig. 1.—Photograph of nerve-cells of normal frontal cortex. Bevan Lewis's fresh method. x 70.
Fig. 2.—Photograph of cerebral cortex from a case of secondary dementia, following adolescent insanity (man, aged 32). Fresh method. x 70.
Shows evidence of loss of nerve-cells.
Thomas Smith Clouston (1840-1915 *). Clinical Lectures on Mental Diseases, Sixth Edition (1904)
Stanford (Lane Medical Library) copy, no date of digitization

epigram ex p 289
from what is, by and large, a compendium of anecdotes

13 August 2015

anecdotes; emptiness; incidents; mindlessness; rounds
T. S. Clouston, Clinical Lectures (1904)