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which it words, Sommer, liable to, words as to, to one

pages 4-5 (gutter, detail)
Grace Helen Kent (1875-1973 *) and Aaron Joshua Rosanoff (1878-1943 *). A Study of Association in Insanity. offprint from American Journal of Insanity 67:1-2 (1910)
Princeton copy, digitized March 25, 2008
several (other) copies via archive.org

“The stimulus consists of a series of one hundred spoken words... In the selection of the stimulus words, sixty-six of which were taken from the list suggested by Sommer, we have taken care to avoid such words as are especially liable to call up personal experiences, and have so arranged the words as to separate any two which bear an obviously close relation to one another...”

14 August 2015

dark; deeps; soft; flow of ideas; tables
G. H. Kent; A. J. Rosanoff