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and they far from exhaust the list

Delusions of
general persecution.
general suspicion.
being poisoned.
being killed.
being ruined.
being conspired against.
being defrauded.
being preached against in church.
being pregnant.
being destitute.
being followed by the police.
being very wicked.
impending death.
impending calamity.
the soul being lost.
having no stomach.
having no inside.
having a bone in the throat.
having lost much money.
being unfit to live.

Delusions that
she will not recover.
she is to be murdered.
she is to be boiled alive.
she is to be starved.
the flesh is boiling.
the head is severed from the body.
children are burning.
murders take place around.
it is wrong to take food.

Delusions as to
being in hell.
being tempted of the devil.
being possessed of the devil.
having committed an unpardonable sin.
unseen agencies working.
her own identity.
being on fire.
having neither stomach nor brains.
having skin disease and infecting others.
being covered with vermin.
letters being written about her.
property being stolen.
her children being killed.
having committed theft.
the legs being made of glass.
having horns on the head.
being chloroformed.
having committed murder.
fear of being hanged.
being called names by persons.
being acted on by spirits.
being a man.
the body being transformed.
insects coming from the body.
rape being practised on her.
having venereal disease.
being a fish.
being dead.
having committed “suicide of the soul.”

(slightly reformatted, for presentation without ditto marks)
ex pages 79-80
Thomas Smith Clouston (1840-1915 *). Clinical Lectures on Mental Diseases, Sixth Edition (1904)
this Stanford (Lane Medical Library) copy
many other copies via archive.org

epigram from lead-in sentence —
Delusions of about 100 female melancholic patients, and they far from exhaust the list.

13 August 2015

authority; being a fish; ruination; suicide of the soul
T. S. Clouston, Clinical Lectures (1904)