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coagulate, coagulum

Coagulate       Everything lost
Coagulum       Has been lost
Cochlea       White dots
Cocktail       Black dots
Cocoanut       Red dots
Coction       Yellow dots
Code       Green dots
Coddle       Blue dots
Decumbent       Have reply reduced to writing
Dedication       Will have reply reduced to writing

ex Leonard’s Twentieth Century Cooperage Directory and Telegraphic Code for the United States and Canada.
Giving complete lists of manufacturers of coopers’ stock of every kind; manufacturers of barrels by hand and by machinery; largest users of cooperage, specifying those who make their own packages; also Buyer’s Guide for tools, machinery, mill supplies, engines, boilers, heaters, dynamos, office supplies, etc.
Together with a very complete and comprehensive Telegraphic Code and tables of freight rates, freight classifications, weights of stock, specifications for stock and packages, currency tables, import duties, etc.
New York, 1899

21 August 2015

cooperage; declensions; dots; loss; telegraphic codes
V. U. Leonard