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a kind of incomprehensible, vague order of expression... a temperate mirth

front flyleaf (detail)
T. Erp. Sichore (pseudonym of R. E. Brown), A Treatise on the Elements of Dancing (San Francisco, 1891)
Deposited in Harvard College Library by Museum of Modern Art, 18 August 1948
NYPL stamps, NYPL copy, digitized November 6, 2009

from which these, in order of appearance —

the chances
the cards
the choice

arches and circles
the screen

the flowers
the basket
basket, ring and flower

the excursion

the grand round
the deceptive round

the moving hat
the pursuit

the two lines

epigram p 10

22 August 2015

dance; fields; littoral; orts; savannah; terpsichore
R. E. Brown