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completed, to a point, to the point where it began

Weaving Mattress River Bank, Brannan Island.
(cropped from border, and to square; printed orientation)
Report of the State Engineer of the State of California, November 30, 1908, to November 30, 1910
(Sacramento, 1911)
University of California copy, digitized August 31, 2010
from which these points

first point       168
last point       44
bad points       113
any point       110
to a point above       31
to a point near       131
to a point between       135
to a point where      129
a central point, the seawall north       131
to the point of high       109
from this point down       136
below this point       122
at this point, there is no place       95
at this point, the problem of floods presented itself       105
from that point on       137
to illustrate the point       107
Weaving Mattress River Bank Protection, Brannan Island.
ineffectual. at this point       122
thickened at a point       115
to protect this point by a flexible brush mattress       122
serious and vital point       110
If we are able to get a growth of willow of two years in this sag, it is my opinion then the trouble at this particular point can be averted.       128
completed, to a point       92
a safe point on one       126
gotten to the point where       100
a safe point on the next       126
to the point where it began       170

12 September 2015

circularities; points; beside the point; weaving; willow