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vast, unformed, uncertain. but I refrained.

back loose flyleaf (facing circulation slip; detail; levels 10 1.00 255)
Bohemia, Official publication of the International League of Press Clubs for the building and endowment of the Journalists’ Home... &c
Vol. I (Philadelphia, 1904)
Stanford copy, no date of digitization.

through what might have been a new world in its making — vast, unformed, uncertain, a dim, mysterious water chaos...   1

presented in the shortest and tersest possible language known to the telegraphic code, but I refrained...   2

  1. Clara Morris (1849-1925 * and (especially) ). “Doctor ‘Concrete’” (374-378) : 376
  2. Patrick C. Boyle (1847-1920, editor of the Oil City (Pennsylvania) Derrick, *). “A Scoop that Failed” (203-206) : 206

13 September 2015

chaos; mistress of the tricks of the acting trade; queen of spasms; telegraphic codes
C. Morris; P. C. Boyle