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of anything coherently


Photographic Miracles. The Holy Shroud of Turin.
(unopened plate and gutter, detail)

“It is not the duty of a technical journal to discuss matter so far removed from its province, but it did seem desirable, especially in view of the very misleading reproductions from sketches, etc., which have been published in certain lay journals, to give the public, as far as possible, the chance to discuss the evidence from first-hand knowledge. The large half-tone, given as a supplement to this issue, is an actual-size reproduction of the large print issued by the Committee of the Exposition of Sacred Art, with their full guarantee of genuineness, and is published with their permission...”

Photogram 5:60 (December 1898) : 370
Princeton University copy, digitized March 20, 2008

“For it is, indeed, something entirely unnamed, even barely nameable which, at such moments, reveals itself to me, filling like a vessel any casual object of my daily surroundings with an overflowing flood of higher life... A pitcher, a harrow abandoned in a field, a dog in the sun, a neglected cemetery, a cripple, a peasant’s hut — all these can become the vessel of my revelation.”

I have lost completely the ability to think or speak of anything coherently.

Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874-1929 *), The Letter of Lord Chandos (1902)

20 September 2015

any casual object; holy shrouds; in certain lay journals; doubt; evidence; margins
Hugo von Hofmannsthal