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the varying results are self-demonstrative

four different halftones, all etched after same original (here cropped to square, realigned)
to illustrate imperfect etching in “Fac-Sim, by an Art Editor,” in The Process Photogram and Illustrator, Vol. 8, No. 88 (April 1901) : 52-55
NYPL copy, digitized May 12, 2008

“One of the originals was a piece of gradation, in black chalk, which I had prepared as being a subject with which the fine-etcher could not well meddle without coming to grief.”

and epigram   54

Everything disintegrated into parts, those parts again into parts; no longer would anything let itself by encompassed by any one idea. Single words floated round me...

Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1874-1929 *), The Letter of Lord Chandos (1902)   *

20 September 2015

a piece of gradation; disintegration; grays; tests
Hugo von Hofmannsthal; “Fac-Sim, by an Art Editor” (1901)