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but lacking in having the horizon line too far

detail (forewater, showing tape repair)
Charles Vandervelde. “A Silver Sea.” (Honourable Mention)
The December Competition, The Photographic Annual 37 (December 1905) : 572-573
Princeton copy, digitized September 16, 2008

“...would also have been enhanced by increasing the foreground, or forewater...”

and epigram / 573

This may be the Charles Vandervelde treated in “Photographs of mist and twilight : what the camera reveals in the hands of Charles Vandervelde,” in Gustav Stickley (ed.), The craftsman Vol. XIV, Number 6 (September 1908) : 627-633
from which —

“When you are alone, the feeling is not present that another may regard the thing you look at as trivial and unworthy of the time spent on it. Or it may be that one wishes to sit down for an hour or more and simply contemplate a landscape, letting it ‘soak in’ as it were, and at such times, there must be no one to say: ‘Let us move on. Maybe we shall see something from the top of that little hill.’”

20 September 2015

any casual object; disturbance; horizon; method (my); swimmings; water
C. Vandervelde