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and as in the case of

back endpaper (and circulation slip), detail
Gilles De La Tourette (1857-1904 *). Études cliniques et physiologiques sur la marche: la marche dans les maladies du système nerveux : étudiée par la méthode des empreintes. (1886)
University of California copy, digitized June 4, 2012
different (Harvard, Countway) copy, opening to figures (of walking) at archive.org

something about lines emerging from chaos. words from no words.

And as in the case of music (Valéry), a poem starts from silence, returns to silence.

Simone Weil, The Notebooks of (Arthur Wills translation, 1956)

26 September 2015

chaos; order; lines; rounds; silence; walking
Gilles De La Tourette; Simone Weil