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year-in, year-out

Plate X. Fig. 2. — Longitudinal radial section of a 3-year-old twig of tanbark oak, showing the tannin in the pith and the pith ray cells. Magnified 30 diameters.
(cropped from border, squared; sharpened)
ex Willis Linn Jepson, Harold Schofield Betts and Clayton Dissinger Mell. California Tanbark Oak. U.S.D.A., Forest Service, Bulletin 75 (1911)
University of Illinois-Urbana copy, no date of digitization
another copy (U.S.D.A, National Agricultural Library), opens to same page, at archive.org
ditto (University of California), at archive.org

Yes, duration is the adventure of year-in, year-out,
the adventure of the mundane.

Peter Handke, To Duration
(Scott Abbott translation of Gedicht an die Dauer, 1986, described in Cannon Magazine No. 4 (2015) / The Last Books here)

28 September 2015

duration; oak; order; tanbark; tanning
W. L. Jepson; H. S. Betts; C. Dissinger; Peter Handke