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or they may be used for writing, artistic drawing...


rear endpaper, above circulation pocket (detail, levels 0 .90 230)
in Romeyn Beck Hough (1857-1924 *). The American woods : exhibited by actual specimens and with copious explanatory text. Part 9 (of 13, plus one posthumous volume completed in 1928 by Marjorie Galloway Hough), 1903
University of California copy, no date of digitization, via archive.org

Hough developed — and patented (US 335703 1886) — a method of producing paper-thin slices of wood which, in addition to forming the visual feature of this book, were marketed as blank (and custom printed) cards, several of whose dimensions are outlined and numbered in the advertisement excerpted above.

suited to receive the impression of type

and epigram
ex US335703 (1886), lines 75-76

4 October 2015

flora; geometry in gardens; lines; rounds
R. B. Hough, The American woods (1888)