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line of admixtures. but such a line.

cardboard separator (detail; curves: output 222 input 129; sharpened)
in Collection of reprints by John Uri Lloyd (1849-1936 *) from the Western Druggist (issues 1-9, 1897-98)
Stanford (Lane Medical Library) copy, no date of digitization
containing these lines

line of similar, we do not know of
line which separates the bark from the wood
line of the true calumba
line, south of (the balsam)
line of admixtures

He assumes that straight lines exist, which is a necessity for his calculation; but such a line he has never made... He begins his study in the unknown, it ends with the unknowable.

— John Uri Lloyd, his Etidorhpa, or The End of Earth (1895, 1901) : 271


6 October 2015

corrugation; eclectic medicine; fields; folds; hollow earth; line of the true calumba
J. U. Lloyd