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eclectic medicine

front cover (detail), and portion of scanning/viewer surround
John Uri Lloyd (1849-1936 *). A Treatise on Apis (the Bee), Tella Araneae (cobweb), Spongia and Cantharis.
Drug Treatise No. XXI. Issued by Lloyd Brothers, Cincinnati, Ohio. (1911)
University of Wisconsin–Madison copy, digitized May 28, 2008
Cornell copy (minus the lovingly (and inaccurately) typewritten/ corrected cover label) at archive.org

Treats the (many) therapeutic uses of bees (and bee sting, and honey), spiders’ cobweb, sponge (and its ash), and the beetle.


97 October 2015

apis; ash; bees; corrections; eclectic medicine; rounds
J. U. Lloyd (1911)