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winged forms / with the parachute expansions


different view, closer to scanner's hand facing (flawed) scan of Plate LIV
Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 21 (1896)
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
different (?) scan, same Stanford copy at archive.org
from which these ables, minus repetitions —

able to make out     57
able to survive     59
able to escape, with the parachute expansions     60
able to learn, not as yet been     64
able to identify, never been     79
but able to retract or extend     83
able to secure, by diligent searching     95
able to induce     101
able to identify     149
able to observe     161
able under its disguise, no doubt     340
able to adhere to rocks, piles, sunken logs and the like     395
able to ascertain     405
able to examine     405
able to obtain     428
able to judge     430
able to distinguish     487
able to stand the effects     490
able to reproduce     494
able to recognise     512
able to breed     529
able to find the winged forms     543
able to study     596
able to ascertain     694
able to discern, so far as we are     701
able to increase this number by four     756
no books that I was able to consult seemed to throw any light on the subject     758
able therefore, am not     769
able to trace the cause, not     775
able to find     784
able to find     791
the able and sympathetic pen     823
able, under the     829
able, this     852


11 October 2015

able; unable; un; uns; rounds