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one great conformable system, 1

scan in motion (detail), facing
T. W. Edgeworth David (1858-1934 * ) and Walter Howchin (1845-1937 * ), “Note on the Occurrence of Casts of Radiolaria in Pre-Cambrian (?) Rocks, South Australia.” Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales 21 (1896) : 571-583
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
different (?) scan, same Stanford copy at archive.org

several sharp anticlinal folds occur near the coast in the gorge of Field River. A few miles further south the rocks forming the sea cliffs are contorted and overthrust from E. to W...   pp 577-578

their entire width as forming one great conformable system...
further, as the dip of these beds
  p 578

11 October 2015

change; folds; metamorphosis; radiolaria; rounds; Oz
T. W. Edgeworth David; W. Howchin