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toolmarks, which would

Plate XLI (printed orientation; cropped from border)
Glacial sandstone, with irregular pockets of boulders forming a cliff in the bed of the River Finniss, three miles above the railway bridge.
Photo by W. Howchin; Hussey and Gillingham, Printers, Adelaide.
illustrating Walter Howchin (1845-1937 * ). “Description of a New and Extensive Area of Permo-Carboniferous Glacial Deposits in South Australia.” [Read July 10, 1910.] Transactions and Proceedings and Report of the Royal Society of South Australia 34 (December 1910) : 231-247
Smithsonian copy, no date of digitization
University of Virginia copy, same page, gray, different quality

“...if portions of the glaciated pavement were discovered carrying toolmarks, which would at once settle the question...”   232

“Through experimentation we learn to observe...
In proper observation there is, moreover, already clarity.“

Novalis (1772-1801 *), Pollen and Fragments (Arthur Versluis, trans., 1989)

13 October 2015

experimental; marks; tools; toolmarks; Oz
H. Howchin; Novalis