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morainic islands

Plate I (unopened, showing elements from following pages; 90ºcw; detail; levels 0 .76 240)
Map of the district described in the paper, showing the morainic areas associated with Rosetta Head and King’s Point.
Surveyor General’s Office, Adelaide. A. Vaughan, Photo-Lithographer
illustrating Walter Howchin (1845-1937 * ). “The Glacial (Permo-Carboniferous) Moraines of Rosetta Head and King’s Point, South Australia.” [Read April 5, 1910.] Transactions and Proceedings and Report of the Royal Society of South Australia 34 (December 1910) : 1-12
Smithsonian copy, no date of digitization

“Here are the remnants of an extensive if vanished highlands which in the past had its snow-covered peaks and outspreading rivers of ice”   p 1

13 October 2015

distances; eccentrics; horizon; islands; moraine; Oz; rounds
H. Howchin