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secondary undulations, 2

facing (partially opened) Plate XXXI (Mareograms), (detail; 90º ccw)
facing (partially opened) Plate XXXI (Mareograms), (detail; 90º ccw)
“An Investigation of the Secondary Undulations of Oceanic Tides, carried out by the order of The Earthquake Investigation Committee during 1903-1906.” Journal of the College of Science, Tōkyō Daigaku, Rigakubu. Vol. 24 (1908)
University of Illinois copy, no date of digitization
Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) copy, opens (to opened plate) at archive.org.

“The tidal curves of the strait are much complicated by the influence of the two tides in opposite phases and by the superposition of the secondary undulations.”
p 38

1 November 2015

fluid pendulums; horizon; mareograms; rounds; seas; undulations; waves