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Plate XLI. No. 16 Itoigawa
August 2-3 and October 8-9, 1893
(cropped to square, new border supplied)
ex A Magnetic Survey of Japan. Reduced to the Epoch 1895.0 and the Sea Level, carried out by order of the Earthquake Investigation Committee. Reported by A. Tanakadate, Professor of Physics, Imperial University Tokyo. Journal of the College of Science, Tōkyō Daigaku. Rigakubu. Vol 14. (1904)
University of Illinois copy, no date of digitization
Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) copy, opens to same plate at archive.org

Ordered and calculated values of magnetic elements for Itoigawa at Table XVI.

This thumbnail map stands out for its minimalism. The shrine is likely Akiba Jinja (秋葉神社), here.

In his preface (vi-vii), Tanakadate dismisses the orthographical reformation proposed by the Government Committee for the Improvement of the Language (“to which the writer is an opponent”), and apologizes for tardiness in publication (needlessly, given the formidable challenges of this project, including not least the difficult composition (figures, in many more than 900 tables), and preparation of (55 or so) observational diagrams and (320) maps).

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A. Tanakadate, A Magnetic Survey of Japan (1904)