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geodesy, probably lost.

endpaper (detail, 90º ccw; levels: 0 .80 255)
The Port of Los Angeles : Its History, Development, Tributary Territory, Present and Prospective Commerce, and Relation to the Panama Canal; Annual Report of the Board of Harbor Commissioners; Port Statistics; and Laws, Ordinances and Rules Governing the Harbor.
Los Angeles, November 1, 1913
NYPL copy, digitized February 3, 2014
containing some interesting before-and-after views of San Pedro landings and waterfront, for example.

and, from
Albert Le Seur Baldwin, Computer, (U.S.) Coast and Geodetic Survey, Geodesy : Triangulation in California, Parts 1-2. Appendix No. 9 — Report for 1904
the (unique) station names, Newport Bay to Point Dume, pp 666-671 (omitting all but a few of their respective descriptions).


Grouped in threes for the music. Parenthesized (in source) information about counties (Los Angeles or Orange), previous surveys (surveyor and date), and most notes, have been removed, but can be found in source. The earlier surveys — A. W. Chase, 1872-73; W. E. Greenwell, 1863; A. F. Rodgers, 1883; and F. Westdahl, 1899 — are discussed at 528ff.

Asterisks stand for benchmark symbols.

from A. L. Baldwin his introductory General Statement —
“Miss Lilian Pike, assisted by Mr. C. R. Duvall, made the least square adjustments of the primary work; and Miss Pike also directed the preparation of the descriptions.”   p 495

Some of the station names ring faint personal bells (Point Fermin, Drum); others (all, really) are otherwise evocative (Curve, Knob, Mustard, Solitary, Spring, Unknown). Miss Pike’s beautiful descriptions speak for themselves.

Had been searching Rattlesnake [now Terminal] Island. Fixing locations, in uncertain ground.

13 December 2015

geodesy; Los Angeles; triangulations
A. L. Baldwin & Miss Lilian Pike, Geodesy : Triangulation in California (1904)