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these objects which were difficult

detail (back of frontispiece map)
Charles Cochelet. Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Sophia, on the 30th of May, 1819, on the Western Coast of Africa, and of the captivity of a part of the crew in the desert of Sahara. With Engravings. London, 1822
Stanford copy, no date of digitization.
same copy (same scan?) at archive.org

but how difficult it is to possess     iii
difficult to depict     3
difficult to give an idea of     16

these objects which were difficult to be transported     22

our difficult situation. at last     33
this difficult passage     39
difficult to be established     58

difficult to foresee the issue of this scene     89
in the difficult and winding path which we followed     91

had been searching “difficult passage.”

wonder (29 May 2019) why I didn’t rotate image 90º clock or (best) counterclockwise.

16 December 2015

deserts; difficulties; passages; rounds
Charles Cochelet, Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Sophia (1822)