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closely folded, perhaps many times

(empty) map pocket (detail, 90º ccw; levels 10 1.00 255)
Stephen R. Capps (1881-1949 *). Geology of the Alaska Railroad Region. USGS Bulletin 907 (1940)
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
from which (most of the foldeds, and a few adjacencies) these —

much folded and deformed     24
in a region of highly folded... agencies     30
much folded and faulted     54

closely folded     56
tilted and folded     58
somewhat folded     60

faulted and folded, probably     63
indurated, folded, and elevated     65
folded and locally     69

folded dark-blue and black     70
and much deformed     71
severely     77

slightly folded     82
only mildly folded     84
folded, and their deformation is much less     87

closely folded, perhaps many times     88
much contorted and folded     98
folded or faulted down     100

is so badly folded, faulted, and crumpled that     102
folded and involved     106
young and have been folded with them     106

steeply tilted and folded     109
where the beds are not folded and only moderately tilted     117
where both have been folded and tilted together. It may be said     125

the two have been folded and tilted together     126
folded, and uplifted     133
folded, so     137

folded into closely     138
folded and in considerable part overturned     139
of a closely folded sequence     140

closely folded and overturned     141

folded, and no doubt in part infolded     142
folded and deformed, whereas     144
the rocks were folded     149

The smooth black stone
I picked up in the true source park
        the leaf beside it
once was stone
Why should we hurry

—Lorine Niedecker, North Central (Fulcrum, 1968),
and encountered today in From this Condensery : The Complete Writings of (Robert J. Bertholf, ed., The Jargon Society, 1985): 236

20 December 2015

adjacencies; folds; mutability
S. R. Capps, Geology of the Alaska Railroad Region (1940); Lorine Niedecker