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and various mixtures of the two

Plate 2 (unopened, detail).
at left, Ramie Mantle (unburnt); at right, Ramie Mantle after burning 3,260 hours.
Vivian B. Lewes (1852-1915), “Lecture on the Theory of the Incandescent Mantle.” Journal and Record of Transactions (Junior Institution of Engineers) 127 (1906) : 111-127
NYPL copy, digitized November 13, 2013

“When elements are not asked to do something which is against their nature — not asked to serve concepts or to represent — then [they] show their vitality...
Wildness lies outside theory...”

Bridget Riley,
followed by Richard Shiff in the latter’s “To Risk Not Naming,” in John C. Welchman, ed., The Aesthetics of Risk (2008) : 256

a number of experiments... thoria, ceria, and various mixtures of the two... / 124

But theory can lead — or clear or open a path to — experiment?

Vivian B(yam). Lewes (1852-1915)
memorialized in The Acetylene Journal 17:6 (December 1915) : 213

21 December 2015

ceria; thoria; wildness; theory
V. B. Lewes, “Lecture on the Theory of the Incandescent Mantle” (1906); Bridget Riley