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rock with fragments, rubber tube

Plate XII. (scanned through tissue; detail, inverted)
showing “Rock with fragments of Clevite,” and “Rubber tube in a Lady’s Antrum.” (not shown: “Needles in a Boy’s Knee.”)
ex The Journal of the Röntgen Society Vol. 4, No. 14 (December 1907)
University of Minnesota copy, digitized October 4, 2013

lengthier description of figures — Stereoscopic Radiographs by Jas. Mackenzie Davidson, M.B. — at page 26. The figures seem not to pertain to any paper in this volume, but rather to be presented on/for their own merits.

same volume contains William Cotton his “The Essential Ambiguity of x-ray representation, and some methods of solution.” (April 1910) : 44-50

21 January 2016

The Essential Ambiguity; rubber; skiagraphy
The Journal of the Röntgen Society (1907)