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what conjectures and what your science?

rear flyleaf (detail; inverted; turned 180º)
Wernerʼs Magazine A Magazine of Expression 17 (1895)
University of Michigan copy, digitized September 20, 2006

faces page of advertisements for Guides to Statue-Posing, including numbers 1-3 of Tableaux Mouvants and Poses Plastiques, and Mary Tucker Magill (1830-99 *), her Pantomimes, or Wordless Poems, for elocution and calisthenic classes (Boston 1882).
from which volume, these confusions

confusion of ideas       28
confusion in the mind       263
confusion, because       392

confusion, what conjectures and what your science?       423
or confusion would ensue       565

confusion, and we lose that uniformity       566
of conceptions regarding the idea of the writer or it may be       576
the flush of       598

confusion; in the latter, nature       647
with confusion at the sense       749
her confusion, observed       772
in some confusion       773

is there confusion in the little isle ?       911

There is confusion worse than death       911
musical confusion       962
confusion in determining the method       985

of interest within this volume —

7 February 2016

confusion; delsarte; expression; imitation in art; method; ohne worte; physical culture; wordless poems
M. T. Magill