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iacecereaciergiri, and lavish bounty

for things do not properly bestow bountifully, or lavish, color. The states of corruption, working backward, were possibly

  1. iacecereaciergiri
  2. iacere ac acies iacere
  3. iaculari ad acies
  4. iaculari ad acies
  5. ad iaculari acies; the whole line being
    nam certe ad iaculari acies permulta videmus.

ex William A. Merrill. “Criticism of the text of Lucretius with suggestions for its improvement, Part II, Books iv-vi.” University of California Publications in Classical Philology 3:2 (April 15, 1916) : 47-133 (48)

nam certe iacere ac largiri multa videmus,
non solum ex alto penitusque, ut diximus ante,
verum de summis ipsum quoque saepe colorem.

For assuredly we see many things cast off particles with lavish bounty, not only from the depths and from within (as we said before) but from the outermost surface, amongst others colour not seldom.

here by hap, by the word iacere and
The word “jacere” is the root of “jetty”

8 February 2016

color; colour; iacere; states of corruption; throw