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away itinerating in the district


instead of the former
instead of the latter

is away itinerating in the district

a difficult journey to make

on a journey
as far as can be judged or seen



leaving a good margin for

when the matter is settled


any more
any morning
the most that can be done

if it must
be done


three of 20 extracts (ca 2011, recently surfaced) from
China Inland Mission Private Telegraph Code, Second Edition (1913) / archive.org

...that what counts, in poetry, are the “pauses,” the rhythm of which is what gets remembered and might be triggered by a later reading of something else entirely.
— Jim Joyce (d 1993 *)

his theorizing, as recalled by a friend
unreliable notes ca 20 August 1975

20 February 2016

itineration; non sequitur; pauses; telegraphic codes; what counts; Jim Joyce