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language and a little broken


back endpaper, circulation slip (detail, rotated 180º)
John Hyde Braly (1835-1923). Memory Pictures : An Autobiography (1912)
Stanford copy, no date of digitization
UCLA copy, scandate 20090129, at archive.org (opens to good story about houses built East, shipped and landed at Alviso)
from which these (not every) broken lines —

was fairly broken       51
language and a little broken       70
waves have broken       242
broke out amongst       70
broke the breathless silence       90
broke forth       239

these lines have been written in simple, unaffected fashion       (preface)
between lines       89
outside of these lines       89
laughed out of       91
lines in one hand       129
lines which I think       207
to read these lines       224

was searching Alviso + San Jose

27 February 2016

Alviso; San Jose; broken lines; lines; non sequitur; J. H. Braly