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blurred scan pp 124-129 (cropped; inverted)
ex Charles Hubbard Judd (1873-1946 *) and Guy Thomas Buswell (1891-1994 *), Silent Reading : a Study of the Various Types / Supplementary Educational Monographs 23 (November 1922)
Harvard copy, digitized February 22, 2007
also at
(same) Harvard copy at archive.org (opens to same page, in color)
UC Berkeley copy scandate 20080728 at archive.org and
U Toronto copy scandate 20080416 at archive.org

The subject wanders about among the Latin words. One can imagine vaguely what would happen to a reader's thinking if he wandered about an English line in the same fashion.

a fascinating book in many ways, visual among them. thanks CM.

27 February 2016

awndering; gpoy; reading; signs; silence; wander; wandering; G. T. Buswell and C. H. Judd