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latin, laugh, laughter. steam side, language.


Sheet E.
Bed, Fly Wheels and Connections.

1     Bed       Mammoth
4     Bolt for Wings of Cylinder       Ladder
5     Nut for Cylinder Wings       Lamb
6     Steady Pin for Cylinder Wings       Lameness
7     Tie for Valve Brackets       Lament
8     Bolt for Valve Tie       Lamp
9     Tap Bolt for Valve Tie       Lampoon
10     Pillow Block, Steam Side       Lancet
10A     Pillow Block, Exhaust Side       Landing

13     Pillow Block Cap, Steam Side       Language
13X     Wedge       Verhoffen
13Y     Bolt for Wedge       Verhoven
13Z     Nut for Bolt       Verhalt

21A     Wedge       Verdello

32     Bolt for Pawl       Latin
34     Holding Pawl       Laugh
35     Bolt for Pawl       Laughter
36     Socket for Pawl       Launch

42   Connecting Rod       Indent

Sheet A.
Intake Air Cylinder.

Complete Sets [of anything] for the Entire Machine       Infirm

In ordering parts the Cipher Word will most surely designate the part wanted.
The numbers are repeated on the different drawings of the machine and the names of parts are similar. The Cipher Word tells the exact thing and its position.


ex Details of the Norwalk Air Compressor (standard pattern) and Telegraphic Cipher Code
The Norwalk Iron Works Co., South Norwalk, Conn.
January 1899
source (ebay)

28 February 2016

air compressors; latihan; machinery; one that got away; rounds; steam; telegraphic codes; The Norwalk Iron Works